Thursday, November 26, 2009

Japanese Maid Cafe - This is How we Love to be Served

@Home Cafe maid cafe is one of the most popular maid cafes in Japan. They have two branches at Akihabara. But they were too crowded, with long snaking queues, no joke when we were in the dead of the winter and we were exposed to the elements. The other branch is located inside the Level 5 Don Quixote.

 The map I used to go there is not updated. Sigh. And worse still, I forgot to use landmarks. I ended up going around asking "Kokowa doko desu ka?"
We ended up at the Cos-cafe. I thought the food was good when I visited the site that's why we went there. It was quite empty. The food was hahaha, an experience. So was the encounter with the pretty maid. Btw you cannot take photos of or with the maids (exception seems to be given to Caucasians), you have to buy a copy.

Speaking of the maid, she welcomed us in a super cute voice, but since our Japanese is crap, we were like "huh?" Three attempts later, she then spoke in surprisingly guttural English "Come here." Like Igor donned a pretty girl suit. =D
I have to give her points for trying. She always tried three times in cute Japanese before doing the Igor. But sadly we did not get to have the maid experience much, unlike the pehpeh next to us. Using one cup of 600yen tea, he managed to get three maids to SQUAT (with their legs closed demurely together) near his feet next to the table talking sweetly to him, at different times for about 30 minutes each (I timed them). We spent 3000 yen and had some really bizarre dishes, which I will upload later.

The three cafes below are @Home, St Grace Court (defunct), and Cos-Cafe.
2012 edition (much improved):

2009 edition:

Updated!!! (6th Feb 2012) Use this site to search for maid cafes in the region you are visiting. maidsan-i (with BBS)

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