Thursday, November 12, 2009

Twelve ways for a girl to identify being half of a couple

I came up with this list, based on what little I have observed. I can hear B1's grumbling already. Haha. Which makes true #1 in the list:
  1. You say whatever you want without fear that he will reject you.
  2. You expel bodily sounds *haha* in his presence without wincing. In fact, it becomes fun to do so (but then again it may only be my twisted self who thinks so *snicker*).
  3. You develop a more sophisticated sense of humor, i.e. you no longer laugh at all his jokes.
  4. You now celebrate anniversaries annually, instead of the "three months since we first locked lips" shit.
  5. You can name his favourites at least 10 11 out of 10. Women always make it a point to better understand the men they are interested in. By the time they start a relationship, they already know how many moles the man has on his inner thigh. In fact, they can tell him what he likes, therefore at least 11.
  6. Flowers become boring presents, and you start to either cajole for more expensive stuff (if you are a mercenary bitch) or nag at him for wasting money (if you are a stupid bitch, cos he will never buy you anything else ever again unless he did something bad. Or until you nag at him for not buying you flowers for a really long time already).
  7. You start comparing him to other men or your current relationship to your previous or friends' relationships.
  8. You pick fights about really stupid things because you are bored or have run out of things to say. Cos sometimes you train him so well to be a good listener, that he seldom speaks anymore (note: this can also be intepreted as he maybe ignoring you or already cheating on you).
  9. You no longer try so hard to please him, though you know what makes him happy and only try when you want to get something. (That is not true for me, I swear *haha*)
  10. You want to stab anyone who insults/is mean to him but it is perfectly ok for you to talk trash about him to your friends and family.
  11. You expect him to do the things you want without realising that he may not know what you want. Then when he doesn't do anything you want, you stealthly begin the what I call the "emasculate him into a SNAG" training (be careful, you may end up with a metrosexual, if you overdo it). If he's smart, he will do them when he wants to get something.
  12. He knows all your female tricks. Damn.

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