Tuesday, November 3, 2009

La Corda d'Oro Primo Passo - Terrier rambles...

I've been watching this anime the whole weekend. At first I watched it because it was about music (yes, still trying so hard to be cultured that I am about to turn into Yakult), then later I discovered that there is nothing more fantastic than watching a reverse harem. One girl, many guys. Surprisingly my personal fave, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E Minor, was not played, despite its extreme popularity in Japan (featuring many times in various anime, and according to this particular anime, is also known there as 'MenCon') .

Instead Schubert's Ave Maria is played like way too often. Until its notes are branded onto my skin (I actually went to find its sheet music!!! I am susceptible to TV, book and music influences). One thing I must say about this anime, it made me want to practise my violin more regularly. Lazy cow I am, I haven't been catching up on the references and notes as I was supposed to. Cocker Spaniel, my offer still stands for accompanying me during my violin exam next year. I can probably get you another client as well. Thanks to the assembly-line mentality of my violin teacher, it is very likely we will all be playing the same songs.

Anyway after watching 26 episodes of this traumatizing animation, I would have to say that I totally detest the time wasted on the too genki trumpeter and the sleepwalker. I started to appreciate the crazy Mr Perfect after he turned sinister, a bit like my favourite character in Ouran High, Kyoya Ootori. Still hate his hair, makes me want to take some destructive scissors to it. I love the piano/ soccer player and the violinist (duh). Usually I don't like men playing the piano, think it delimit their masculinity sometimes. But an athletic pianist? Different ball game. However I am very annoyed to find that the later episodes did not cover as much of him as I'd have liked. But the violinist? Delish...

I particularly loved the part where the Ren and Kaho played Ave Maria together(it was one of the earlier episodes, not so annoying yet) like a 180-degree Romeo and Juliet balcony scene. I could almost nose bleed myself to death. the limber Ryotarou manfully leapt up onto the platform to accompany Kaho on the piano during the first round of the concours when she was screwed by a pianist fan of Ren, despite having a traumatic experience at a concurs when he was a child. So sexy...

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