Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Possessive Man != A Progressive Man

Was reading this blog out of extreme boredom (when I should be reading the eighteen books I checked out of the library. I note that being a speed reader is no use when you don't have the luxury of time to read in the first place), when I read that she didn't want to talk to her boyfriend because she was suddenly afraid that he would beat her or kill her?

I find this rather disturbing. What kind of relationship is this when you cannot trust that the other party to not lay a hand on you just because he is jealous of you spending the whole day (working) with your 40-something boss when he had wanted to spend the whole day with you after checking out of NS for the weekend.

To her I say, kick him behind the knees when he has his back towards you and when he least expects it (I am a dirty fighter).

I bring up this point because B1 is quite a possessive puppy as well. In fact almost 99% of heterosexual men would be too, towards their women (the remaining 1% being saints who trust their spouses implicitly, have huge egos or have married women who recently escaped convents with twelve-foot walls. Men who haven't had girlfriends yet but claim to be progressive, shouldn't throw stones at glass houses until they start living in them.). An excellent example that crazy bastard of a nut job in AMK who killed his kiddies, set his flat on fire then leapt off the 12th floor because he didn't want them to call another man "Daddy"? Well before things reached such a deplorable state, he should not have kept accusing his wife of cheating on him (it's rather unfathomable to me as to how a 28 year old woman with two young children can find the time to cheat when she has to work to help pay for her stupid husband's gambling habit?), spending so much money on 4D and living beyond his means that he was declared a bankrupt! (Note: I refer to juicy details I read in the Chinese newspapers, but my Mandarin stinks too much for me to translate, and I am too tired) But then again, as B1 says, as well as some of my male colleagues, his wife is pretty hot.

Then don't marry a beautiful woman, if your fragile sensibilities cannot handle other men being attracted to her as well. Sometimes I think men are their own victims. When they go to a matchmaking session, every guy beelines for the prettiest lady at the joint. I have witnessed that myself when I was having dinner and there was a strange singles dinner event at the next table. Even the saddest looking and the geeky looking guys had their heads tilted towards to the pretty girl no matter how far they were sitting, as if desperate to hear the words of honey drip from her lips. Morons.

I was pointing out that day at lunch, that my male colleagues should choose a fat chick over a skinny chick any day (note: in my rather unbelievable rhetorical context, both ladies have the same features except one has thicker ones) because at least the fat one will make sure you are fed. While they agreed with me, none of them was open to the idea of dating a fat chick when they could have the skinny one...

B1 pointed out that it could be due to health considerations. I could roll my eyes in my head so much I would resemble a jackpot machine. Since statistically women seem to live longer than men, wouldn't that be just nice? (Ok, he may have a point, but I am always right, or I must always win *thick-skinned*) Then what about a fat man? I seem to see more fat men with girlfriends than fat women with boyfriends. Isn't it unfair?

I myself pick brains over looks any day. Therefore my preference for the scrawny, bookish, reserved geek (who preferably can argue intelligently in at least three languages in 7 topics, e.g. religion, politics, finance, etc) over the human beefsteaks and weirdoes I used to attract. (On this note: have you noticed how quiet guys are much more perverted/horny/hentai/open-minded than other guys? Talk about still waters running deep. I had enjoyed many fascinating and memorable conversations with such persons.) I can feed his tummy and he can feed my mind.

Turns out he can also feed my anger. Irrational possessiveness can diminish a woman's respect for her man. So if you are ever in a relationship, beware turning into a jealous ass. Because trying to accommodate your immaturity gets tiring after a while, and then one day, she may tire of you.

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