Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top Twelve Signs A Guy Likes You

This survey result took 4 guys and leftover pizza. This is my own response to my "Top Eight Signs A Girl Likes you" (time to check myself into the loony bin, talking to myself *haha*)
  1. He buys you little gifts and/or makes little gestures that makes you feel special in comparison to other girls. He'd already found  out what she likes and dislikes.
  2. He makes sure that you get across the road safely when jaywalking together. It's a great excuse for him to hold your hand. *wow, we were impressed when one of the guys said this.*
  3. He makes you laugh by telling you jokes (this is very ambiguous, I feel).
  4. He SMSes, calls you and make comments on your Facebook posts.
  5. When out at a group event, you find that you are always in some sort of an intimate tête-à-tête with him, away from the others.  Or he is always trying to end up sitting next to you.
  6. He tries to help you analyse your problems, when she talks about them He's a great listening ear, soothing and comforting. much appreciated when we girls just need a sounding board and outlet.
  7. He offers to help you in your homework or projects. Lots of time will be spent together. This method always works *snicker*
  8. He gives you as much eye contact as possible (I think guys have no problems in this aspect, because being visual creatures, they will always check out their target.)
  9. He offers to teach you something, a new skill or hobby. *Haha, this is very true, I have had offers to learn swimming, ice-skating, playing the flute. On this note, I say ice-skating is the best, not too much skin touching to scare her off  yet it's intimate, and you can hold her hand the entire time...*
  10. He brings an umbrella in the hopes to offering you shelter from the rain.
  11. He asks you out on a date. *Duh*
  12. He tries to provoke you so that you will notice him. *This is based on my own observation and is usually utilised by younger guys* Note: if he does this to everyone, then he is just an arschloch to the womankind.

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