Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Tale of Relatives and Free IT Support

(Note: the blog title demonstrates that this is an entry that was written some time back in June but was not published until now. I am housekeeping the blog and cleaning out some of the drafts.)

Did you know that Office 2007 is deeply entrenched within your new Dell, Acer, prebuilt pcs?

I found it the hard way when I was asked by my aunt to downgrade her office version. I encountered two problems (1) I can't seem to get the office uninstalled by using add/remove programs (that would be due to the delightful Vista, goodbye Vista!!! My aunt insisted on buying her laptop before Windows 7 came out...) (2) Even if I force delete, the jokers will appear again the next time I boot up the pc again, albeit this time with more complications.

Turns out because I have to also wipe out thoroughly the Office 2007 installation files (and other stuff of course, such as registry keys)... I ended up following Microsoft's instructions here.

Have you noticed that just because you have a computer-related background (e.g. software, hardware or both), relatives just naturally approach you to fix their IT problems for free even if they have purchased onsite repair services from the pc companies? You could be a DBA by occupation and still they expect you to take their laptops to bits and add their memory. Worse still, they treat you like helpdesk support (well, if akin to an oracle, I'd not mind so much *haha*), and expect round-the-clock service and immediate/within-business-day response (this depends on how much of a arschloch he/she is) from you. And the very worst of it all is when you are trying your best to understand the problem, they stand next to you and say really mean things like "you don't look like you know very much" and yet they still automatically call you the next time their computer takes a piss. What the fuck!!! Seriously.

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