Saturday, November 21, 2009

The B team visits Anime Festival Asia 2009

The Beets were at the AFA 2009, checking the best of the Otakus at Suntec. It costs S$15 to get in for adults and I was horrifically torn between deciding to buying my favourite Lucky Star figurines and saving my money. Unfortunately I worship the Dollar more (never mind I can always go back tomorrow, if I do change my mind). Never mind, we did buy one or two items, which I will upload tomorrow.

Because we arrived there late in the afternoon and I had a wedding dinner to attend at night, we missed most of the fun events. The only thing we managed to catch was Danny Choo in action (I cannot believe later, that no one at my table knew who is Danny Choo *scream in frustration*)

What is even more maddening is the dummkopf blocking my shot of Danny Choo with the two fine babes. Now I have to upload two photos of Danny Choo (first one: focus on Danny Choo and the first pretty girl, second is to look at the girls cos half of Danny Choo's head is gone).

Here are some of his figurine collections:

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