Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Red Dot (again) for some moolicious dinner.

Went back to Red Dot again (well technically it was July 2009, and this is a outdated draft), this time with B1 in tow. Red Dot is nice at night. I preferred to sit indoors with the lights on, instead of sitting al fresco and eating a fly or two with only the faint flickering glow from the BBQ. The lighting is pretty shit still, cos the lights were still pretty dim (therefore the inconsistent lighting in the photos, sorry since this used to be a draft, I don't have the originals to photoshop anymore), but least I will be able to spot a flying ant or housefly basking my gravy.

We ordered capasante salad (S$15, feeding 2), grilled marbled steak and wagyu steak (S$27 each), molten chocolate cake (S$15, also feeding 2). The marbled tasted better than the wagyu. It had a melt-in-the-mouth yet smoky quality. B1 had some bizarre AIDS-preventing(???) beer called Monster Green, I think...the beer is cheap, chilled and not bad. Fantastic for chillout. The molten chocolate cake was rather dry and crisp(??) *haha* on the outside, but with lovely chocolate sauce in the middle of the cake.

I was delighted with the excellent service this time. Friendly, yet not overly fawning. Not like the other time, where I could see the waitress roll her eyes while we were ordering (think we were changing orders midway then).

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