Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Old Age

I was having lunch with お母さん, and told her about Vater's birthday (so that she wouldn't torture me by making me OT since we were going to celebrate that very night). 

She was totally cool, and said definitely I should go. Unfortunately by the time I was done, and with the other distractions, I ended up working through the night after dinner. Anyway that is the not the point I am driving at. The fact was that, when she asked me how old Vater was, I realized something...

"I didn't think that my parents are old, until my Grandmother passed away." 

She understood. "Now you realize that your parents are the seniors in the family."


I am trying to cut back on my CoH (well, at the rate THQ is going CoH is doomed unless Relic can find a new sugar daddy. Let's not even talk about CoH2. You know something is extremely wrong with a investing website declares that Zynga is a better bet than THQ. Dafuq...) and spend more time with the family.

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