Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cakes, Kuchen, 蛋糕- Domani vs Brunetti

I didn't even remember pigging out on cakes twice on Samstag until I was looking through the photos. *faint* All that walking in the morning was for naught.

Well, we had Kuchen at Domani (Japanese impression of Italian, but serving pseudo French cakes) and Brunetti (Australian impression of Italian). Service was sucky at Brunetti, despite being self-service and 0% service charge, but they make you feel like crap anyway. Asked the guy behind the counter twice for service, he looked like he'd suck on a lemon instead. And when he was asked by his colleague who he was helping, he POINTED at me. Dafuq.
Delicious display @ Brunetti but that erdberry cake was calling out to me.
Chocolate Fondant and Cannoli - Choco high on a plate
I imagined cutting into the waiter, but I doubt he is as intriguing as this cake
Guess whose cake was this? :D
I think I prefer Domani's cakes because duh, they are from Rive Gauche, the patisserie with my favorite mont blanc.

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