Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All things bright and beautiful

I went to Botanical Gardens to practise using my camera, catching up with C, and get me some exercise (away from the computer).

a little bit of foot on a sturdy log
It's amazing, the beauty reflected in a dirty pond. Not that I had much time to ponder on the magnificence of the surroundings. For one thing, I was being fried (that was until the skies suddenly turned grey and cried on us), second, I was hungry. 

So hungry, I implored C's toddler to give me a saliva-drenched, stale Gerber Honey-Stars-looking (but totally not sweet) cereal bit.
Munch munch walk walk
It wasn't enough!!!!

So... the walk was cut short as we were half walking, half dragging our heavy bodies from one end to the park to the other end in order to meet Y for lunch. We didn't succeed, and in the end, took a cab from the Nassim Road gate (which was fortunate because of the sudden rain).

But before circumstances got a bit desperate...
Black Swan incoming
"My Name is not whatever is on the board next to me"
I was mentally kicking myself for throwing away just that morning, four stale slices of bread that could have given us some fun feeding the duckie boos. Wasn't my smartest morning, that Saturday.
Mr Unphotogenic Tortoise/Terrapin/(definitely not) Turtle was facing me, but was faster in turning around than I was in maneuvering the camera, which isn't saying much for my speed. Perhaps the situation wasn't helped by me and C discussing what T was this creature. Educating the next generation is very serious business *winks*.
"What are you looking at, punk? Where's your bread?"
We saw lots of duckie boos. C was pleased because her two-year-old could figure out this duck was same species as the yellow kind they read in the kinderbücher. There's hope for the next generation yet!

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