Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Much Haar-do about Nothing

I decided to cut my hair after I had to do OT till very late last week, and waiting for my hair to dry was a bitch (I didn't want to blow-dry and do further damage to my hair). It used to be ok, because I could play CoH while waiting for it to dry. But I was so exhausted I didn't play CoH until Saturday- a new first!

After I spent Thursday evening camwhoring my hair (I do like the length and look, but I am shedding hair faster than a tree experiencing autumn), I then mourned for the loss throughout the weekend while every strand remained on my head. So since I already spent so many days mourning already, I decided to actually do the dastardly deed and cut off my hair.

The hair stylist blew my hair dry. I thought it looked like Cleopatra. Went home and Mutter commented the same. Vater said it made my face look fat (thanks Vater). After Vater went into the kitchen after dinner, Mutter whispered to me, she didn't like it, she said it looked like a mop. She then commented that the hair she did for me when I was 18 years old was much nicer (I have always been very low-maintenance). Then she continued, "but then you were slim then, so any look was nice."

*Cue rolling of eyes like jackpot machine*
Schnappi, you said you wanted a pic of my new look. Here it is :P
All I know that the ends are very spiky, and the hair kept poking me. I ended up braiding my hair again, so the unattentive B1 also didn't notice it this morning when he picked me up for work, until I pointed it out to him. I guess the cut was not dramatic enough, because once he went into deep mourning when I cut my hair very short. He was sure that I was going to dump him because I told him before that women will change their hairstyles dramatically when they make drastic changes in their love lives.

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