Friday, March 30, 2012

Why do we hate her?

I was reading this book, Breakfast in Bed, by Eleanor Moran, on the bus. 

 "I hate him, Milly" "Do you actually hate him though?"

 "Mostly," I say, "But not as much as I hate her." 

"Oh God, we all hate her." 

Question is, why do we all hate her? Is it because she has spotted the treasure that is the man lying next to you in bed, sitting across from you at the breakfast table? While you two face each other in increasingly comfortable, non-sexual scenarios that come with easy familiarity and companionship, having forgotten the rush you used to feel at each other's touch. Sadly, he remembers the rush, but at her touch instead, and by then you realize too late, that you have lost him to her. 

Even when he comes home at night to you, you cannot help wonder, is his heart lusting after hers, and is he thinking of fucking her in your bed right now, while she mewls in the same bed just like you used to do so many countless times so long before but seem to have forgotten how to now? 

I cannot believe I typed this into my handphone for some weird reason. Strange inspiration.

I just finished the book. The female protagonist gives an interesting reflection on what happened (Note: Rachel is the third party, Dom is the husband)

"The truth is, every relationship, however fabulous, is a compromise. When we commit, we're always saying goodbye to some perfect piece we'd promised ourselves Prince Charming would deliver when he finally turned up and kissed us back to life. Much as it pains me to admit it, Rachel must have given Dom something I didn't (and no, I don't mean Herpes). But maybe it's the compromise, the acceptance of its imperfections, that ultimately makes it feel perfect. For one thing, it finally releases us from that fatal, soul destroying feminine curse of expecting perfection from ourselves."

Anyway the book is pretty messed up (highlight the rest of the space underneath to see the spoiler):
With fallout from her marriage to Dom, Fish Girl lives with Milly, her rich and aimless best friend. She is somewhat turned by the whirling dervish that is her boss (who is like 10 years older than her *ew) Long stuff short, she fucks him, then she decides her husband's dick is better so she returns to him after she realizes the boss is a selfish dick (doesn't mean if he is the entire thing means he is better). But it's ok, because her friend who saves her and her boss' ass, rises to the occasion again and takes over fucking the boss. Becoming dango sisters with your best friend, talk about bringing your friendship to a whole new plateau.

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