Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lederhosen Jungen - my twisted fate with Germany never ends *winks*

Singapore Biennale @ Old Kallang Airport
As mentioned, I went to the Singapore Biennale 2011 on its very last day. Thanks to Vater stopping our subscription to the mainstream newspaper due to *censored*, I didn't even know about this event, not even when I went to the Art Museum last Friday. I mistakenly thought that the event was only held at the Art Museum, but turns out all the artworks were exhibited at Merlion Park (didn't go in the end), Old Kallang Airport and the Marina Bay.

I was supposed to go with a friend, but she dropped out last minute because she had to go to work, so I dragged the hapless B1 with me instead. Ah the price to pay for being with me.

Well, I had seen the Singapore Art Museum installations (I just realized that stupid Blogger dropped my last posted entry on the art museum after it went down, have to rewrite and relink...*argh*), and looking through what the other venues had to offer, it had to be the old Kallang Airport. First of all, that place is not easily accessible and not often open to the public, so I couldn't pass up this rare opportunity. Plus they were so totally geared towards children it was cute. There was giant puzzles, free polaroids, free bubble making kits, windmill making, terrarium making, kite making, badge making and... balloons. I have such a thing for balloons (not that kind of thing btw, I mean the innocent kind) that I envied the old man for UP.  I also wanted to go to the flea market, deluded into envisioning that it would be like the Artist Market I saw in Sydney some years back. 
Kite making, badge making, windwill making, you call it we got it!!! The young and the old trying it out
It turned out to be some boring old generic sale of belts and the usual nonsense. LANGWEILIG!!! But the rest of the stuff did not disappoint, though unfortunately, the galleries were FREAKING HOT. Air con was a 20th century invention I cannot live without in 35 degree Celsius heat. 
I hate it when people move, giving me the ghost effect. The ultra boring Flea Market
Walking through the displays in the West Block on the second floor, I happened to look out of one of the windows out of desperation from the heatwave, and realized that was a freaking German barn in the middle of the abandoned hangar. I practically dropped jaw.  Back in the day when I was 13 years old, we were told to draw the ideal house we loved. I drew a 1700s German house (must upload it one of these days =D). 

To see that freaking giant barn in the middle of the even bigger hangar was a delight! I also couldn't help noticing that there were a bunch of girls frantically taking photos some windows down. I was wondering why, since I do not know of many persons who bore the same fascination like me towards old German architecture.

Walking towards them, I looked out from their window, and realized that on the other side of the barn... there were...
What the girls were taking... Notice the Granny at the side
Here's the Granny again, standing near the Lederhosen Jungen *winks*
Hot little boys in lederhosen (minus their cute little blouses). Holy fuck! It is so wrong. I felt like I must go for confession. *haha* You have no idea how much I like the lederhosen. *haha* especially when worn this way. *hahaha*.
A Barn inside a Hangar!!! Look, it's Granny chasing a even younger victim!
The Oh moment

Why is Granny still here? It took me a long time before I reached the display...
Should have asked the boys where they got their lederhosen...What's a man in a uniform vs a man in lederhosen?! B1, you are warned!
The barn and its hidden treasures
Little girl proudly poses with her picture against a backdrop of posturing hardworking boys

There was more than 1 (stuffed) horny goat in the barn when this photo was taken *winks*
I got my pounds of flesh too :D
Times like this I bemoan I didn't buy a DSLR before I became bankrupt. Stupid Stupid B2. I am very convinced I must go to Germany, specifically Munich some day. Not for the bier, not for the Bratwurst, but for die Lederhosen (preferably occupied) *haha*.

Damn where did they hire the boys from? So yummily gorgeous *drool* You don't have to ask me what is my favourite installation for Singapore Biennale 2011.

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