Friday, May 20, 2011

In case anyone's been wondering...

I have been sick since Monday. After a late night meeting (ended at 8pm!), I went home for dinner, and didn't eat much because I was clutching my left side...felt very sick...

Next day. No trip to JB.

You know what is more hell than stomach flu? General Flu ( Just 38.4 degree Celsius) + Food Poisoning. I alternate between delirium + abdominal peace and clear head + porcelain throne conquering. I had to eat 4 types of pills (still lesser than the highest 7 I think I did once).

Just like that. National holiday went past. ZZZ. Two days' mc given the next day, but I couldn't use the second one because my &%$# work forced me to go for some stupid course which is going to result in me doing even more work *roll eyes* 

And now I am going to bed. at 10pm. Winz. I just can't stay awake at all. zzzz

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