Monday, May 2, 2011

I count down to my stupidity

I was stubborn. I wanted to live near where I grew up. 

Yet I wasn't ready to move out of my parents' place. Now that I have been dragged against my will, screaming and kicking, to make a commitment to owning a property... the stupid housing prices rose so sharply it's scary! Basically I paid for a flat what would have gotten me a condo. Some people mock me whenever they hear how much I spend, but it's ok, I face up to reality. I wasn't ready to settle down, and those same persons will eat crow when it's their turn, seeing how prices continue to rise up without much control.

So today is the last day. I kiss goodbye to my days of a debt-free life, and welcome a mortgage that will take me eons to pay (it's 2 X the price of a new flat in the countryside, e.g. Punggol. Location, location, location), and basically chain me to my job. Yesterday we went over to do a final inspection. The uncle left us a lot of furniture, and some appliances. From what I see, we will still need to reno the house a LOT because the wiring all over the house looks like shit (being computer geeks, I forsee that we will be paying a fortune in utility bills), kitchen looks like shit, toilets look like shit and the walls look like shit. Staring at the walls, I wondered to myself, why the fuck did I pay so much? 

Since we are now the new lower income living in our neighborhood, it helps that we won't need to spend too much for furniture, though I am still trying to figure out how to restore and paint them. The furniture is a bit dented, and the colors are all over the palette, as evidenced by ten years of rental and living. One merciful thing is that the floor is liveable, though that false wall really grates on my OCD, especially when you see that the cornices actually extend into the little bedroom. So on each side of the false wall, there are three sides of cornices... wtf.

I considered taking down the wall. Hmm. Make it into a 2 bedroom apartment. But I digress. So yesterday, during the final inspection, the uncle's niece (well, the man is gleefully enjoying his retirement in New Zealand with our money) said to us that 妈祖 said to them (don't ask me how a deity confers with mere mortals) recently that this house has excellent luck. Whoever lives inside will have good luck and prosperity. (She also said that her other aunt wanted to buy the flat, but was reluctant to move out of Bedok where she lives. *roll eyes*)

Out of earshot later, I remarked sourly to B1 that even the heavenly beings are laughing at us now.

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