Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's worse than Beetroot Juice

I often find myself a victim of mass media. My parents liked to drink orange juice. Packaged orange juice was VERBOTEN. So they bought oranges themselves and I ended up drinking it up everyday. I didn't mind, because I loved orange juice. 

Then some asshole in some university/research lab/clinic decided to do research on orange juice, and suddenly orange juice increases chances of diabetes. I never saw a glass of orange juice that I hadn't juiced myself again... then my parents found out about ABC (Green Apple + Beetroot + Celery + Carrot) juice.

I HATE BEETROOT. Almost as much as I hate green peppers.

Guess what do we drink everyday? That disgusting juice with beetroots. I can't even get out of drinking it, because Mutter would nag and nag and Vater will scream that I am getting fatter and Beetroot will supposedly save me from Heart failure. My stomach might die first, methinks.

Unfortunately some asshole from some university/research lab/clinic (with my luck, it could be the same asshole) expounded on the importance of eating the leftovers from juicing fruit. I am now CHEWING my juice. It tastes like raw soup. -.-"

Oh man, it contained milk. No wonder it tastes like soup.

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