Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scenes from the Melaka trip - Food down the Memory Lane

You won't see this much in Singapur anymore.
The famous Geographer Cafe. Whatever.
The 叮当Man. He makes a <<叮当>> sound when he carves out the sweet from the block.
Pineapple tarts of various shapes and forms
Ice shaving machine. We used to use this to make flavored ice ball, now we dump the ice ball in a plate filled with other ingredients and call it "ice kacang"
Teletubby's Kryptonite - Guess what?!
Durian cream puff. Be afraid, be very afraid.
 In Singapur we mix the Air Tauhu and the Air Cincau. You order it by telling the hawker you want a "Michael Jackson" but because I like to be politically correct, I order a "Obama"

Bootleg Peranakan food - Bloody hell, and I cannot open a stall at a food festival without a NEA licence.

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