Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Biergarten Sonntag (Part 2) - Wood Figurine Workshop

Read Part 1.

The man at the Wooden Figurines booth was carving little animals, such as pigs, horses and sheep for painting during the workshop.
The little animals we were going to paint will look like the animals on the wooden man's rack (top left)
At about 1145hrs, the event staff came and set up a table in front of the booth. So Tante and me sat down. Next to me was this mother and her little girl. I am not against children per se, because it is their parents' shitty efforts in bringing them up nowadays, that's the problem. The little girl was too little to take part in painting such intricate items, so she should be sat at the corner of the table, not the middle where she was likely to knock over the water and other things on the table.

As it was, I didn't pay attention to her, as the man was telling us what to do. First he set up the items (so methodical so german) along the table. Paint brushes, water for washing the brushes, acryclic paint (Payne's grey, white, red, brown), paint palettes, sawdust (for sheep's wool), pins to handling the animals while painting and glue. And how can I forget the little sheep ears? Or the two darling sheep samples he put on the table?
"Baa Baa Have we any wool?" Onkel's sample sheepie.
Each of us could choose 2 animals from a menagerie of woody sheep, piggies and horses. I chose a sheep and a pig. I loved the Onkel's brushes. So smooth ... *drool* (paintbrushes are expensive and I am very unforgiving on them). I took my time to choose the paintbrushes.
Piggie and Sheepie - Before
Onkel helped us to poke them from underneath
Onkel's instructions were pretty clear. Paint the face first, then apply glue to the body and stick on the sawdust. You can then choose to paint the sawdust.

I made a booboo, I should have painted the feet white as well. In the end, I had to scramble and dodge between the sawdust bits to paint my sheepie's little feet. While waiting for the sheep's face to dry, I set him aside and mixed some red and white. I wanted my pig to be a radical hot pink. After that I saw Miss Pig to dry on the tray while I started to apply the glue to the sheep's back.

I was busy concentrating on the sheep, so I didn't pay any attention to the little girl even when she spilt some water. Until I decided to let the sheep's body dry... then I noticed my pig had gone missing. I was quite annoyed. I asked the little girl and her mother if they saw my pig. The little girl did not say anything. Her mother ignored me too as I looked around, pushing the table cloth back (it touched the ground) to find my pig resting on the dirty floor between mother and daughter.

"My pig..." I tried to reach down to get my pig and the mother still blocked me, trying to reach for glue. zzz. She obviously took my pig and dropped it. I don't know whether it's because I expect too much, but I felt that the mother should apologize for her daughter's misbehavior. But she apparently only cared when she was inconvenienced not when others were.
I couldn't figure out what was wrong until I realized that Mr Sheepie was bald on top...

Piggie and Sheepie - WIP
But I digress. I used the pins to dot some eyes on the animals. I finally realized that by not applying sawdust to the top of the sheepie's head, he looked more like a dog wearing a jacket.
Piggie and Sheepie - After
Anyway now they are stuck on the top of my monitor with bits of blutack. Cute!!!

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