Sunday, December 16, 2012

A little baby mushroom

I was mournfully watering my plants this morning (it was a bad morning), when I noticed a little mushroom growing at the base of my aloe vera. wtf?
It kinda faded in the afternoon
This is going to sound extremely blonde but how in the world did mushroom pores reach where I am living? Considering that I live on the top floor (I like to think of it as a penthouse, but it is more like a juvie hangout).

On another note, my quest to grow edamame plants (so that I can have lots of edamame to eat) is failing badly. My edamame plants do not look like those that my mother grows in her garden. The little bastards look defeated, crawling out of the pot for sunshine, unlike the strong stalwart soldiers my mother has. I have to admit the area outside my apartment is not very plant-friendly, considering how it can very windy outside (never windy inside the house *%##@). So far I have lost a corn plant and a edamame due to strong gusts of wind snapping their stems.

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