Sunday, January 17, 2010

The First Sight of Fortune

Went to watch the latest Casual Concert at the Esplanade this evening. I felt that the first piece of the 2nd set, i.e. Schindler's List Theme, was played the best. Chan Yoong Han did an excellent job *applauds*. Perhaps his excellent rapport with the orchestra has to do with the fact that he plays with the SSO professionally. At least he didn't make me cringe like that Yong Siew Toh student did the other time.

Anyway, what was intriguing was when we came out of the concert hall and encountered this window scene.

God of Fortune hanging out at the Singapore River. Now this is not a commonplace sight. Haha. Everyone had fun taking photos with him, especially that family to the foreground of this photo. I had to wait for every single member of that family, excluding daddy, taking group and individual shots with God of Fortune, before I could get this shot. Anyway the guy was so tanned, he looked more like Judge Bao, commented Town Mouse.

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