Saturday, January 16, 2010


I can catch a hint Mutter.

Mutter pasted this stupid article (from a newspaper I bought her no less) on my wall, saying how research showed that people who spent most of their time in front of computers die young.

So today instead of spas-sing out in front watching shows, I am playing DSLite at the beach. Note here: I think I need to attend Bomberman Anonymous. I have been playing that damn game to and fro work on the bus this whole week.

But first the two mice had to find a nice place to nibble at their now cold bentos in peace. I decided that the picnic table in the middle of the grass was a great idea. Very picturesque. Well, that was before the sun came out and fried the two of us as we tried to consume our now warming bentos. What a startling contrast to exactly one year ago, where we nearly froze to death trying to eat our bentos at Mount Komagatake (my camera nearly flew off when the wind carried off the bento cover it was sitting on). Town Mouse opined that I must be hankering after the NSF experience.

We then tried in vain to play Bomberman under the stingy shade of some coconut trees. It was too difficult as the light was in our eyes, making the screen practically painful to stare at, no matter which angle we tilted the console. In the end, I had to contend myself with lying on the bench and admiring how the coconut trees sway in the wind (and watching for errant coconuts falling down). Can you spot the crow in the tree?

We saw a lot of people flying kites at this wide span of land in front of the housing estate on our way back. Ironically I did not see anyone flying kites at the beach or the grass. But we did see some foreign workers having fun playing cricket (looks awfully like shuttle run as they were pretty lousy hitters and spend most of their time missing and running back and forth instead).

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