Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year 2010 - Sentosa Mass Molest Irony

Recently, other than the Romanian hit-and-run case, the local media has been rife about the Sentosa New Year Eve Mass Groping incident, where at least four Indian men were captured in videos groping a young woman, reaching into her bikini top and bottom when she tried to get away. There was much outrage because it was reported that fellow party-goers were filming the entire incident instead of going to her rescue, and netizens were calling for action to be dealt to the molesters. However there were also people who were interviewed who said that the girl deserved it.

Then there was the DJ's account of the five minute long episode, that he witnessed that the woman seemed to enjoy the attention of the first man, sexily gyrating against him as he touched her, before the rest of the men joined in the mass grope. He also mentioned that there were people who went to her rescue when she resisted one of the men reaching into her bikini bottom, such as a girl in a black bikini and also some men, resulting in some scuffle.

Then of course, there was the woman herself... Well, turns out there is a new twist to the whole situation. She used to be a he?! This photo has been circulated on the Net, Facebook and EDMW (one of the first groups to cast doubts on her sexuality).


I am very confused about this. Is it case of bad reporting (she is clearly wearing lingere instead of a bikini as reported)? Also, isn't it still wrong of those disgusting men to molest her, transformer (local term for transsexual) or not! Their objective was clearly to molest the girl. Shouldn't they be persecuted???

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