Sunday, January 3, 2010

Join the Online Petition!!! Ensure Justice is Served!!!

The highest ranking Romanian diplomat in Singapore, Dr Silviu Ionescu, is a suspect in a recent hit-and-run case here, which left one just-married man dead and two others injured. The suspect knocked down the three pedestrians at TWO traffic junctions in Bukit Panjang and fled. The car used belonged to the Romanian Embassy. Read online article here. I am too pissed off to scan all the articles on this case.

The cheek of the whole thing was that it was first reported in the news (it is now no longer reported in case of diplomatic displeasure .i. ) that this Dr Ionescu, when the media and police interviewed him, said that he had reported that the car was stolen that morning. The car was abandoned at Sungei Kadut. So ironic isn't it, that two taxi drivers picked him up at Sungei Kadut around the time of accident?

The first one couldn't speak English so he alighted, but the second, a Mr Neo said he picked him up that morning and that he had asked Mr Neo for the police phone number where he reported that his car was stolen. Then he flew back to Romania (within three days), for a treatment of diabetes (as if we were some backwater country which doesn't provide diabetic treatment). He says he will come back...

Even if it is not him, isnt' it very unprofessional and undiplomatic of him to run off when a car belonging to his embassy KILLED ONE MAN? As the highest ranking diplomat, he should stick around and make sure that justice is served, isn't it, Dr Ionescu? This reflects very badly on Romania. The government should sent him back to show that Justice should be served, even if the *censored* lawyers up and gets off on diplomatic immunity? After all, who is going to answer to those three men's families, especially to the RECENT BRIDE TURNED WIDOW? And hello, TWO traffic junctions? Was the Suspect, BLIND or PLAIN DRUNK?

An online petition has been established to call the Romanian Government to cooperate with the Singapore Government to investigate this accident. Please help sign. Much Appreciated. =]

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