Sunday, January 3, 2010

Forever Daikon - A Blue-Haired Sunflower's Journey to find her Japanese White Radish

I have not been studiously updating my blogs, since receiving my "better late than never" DS Lite.

I am becoming a huge fan of Lukplus' Coropata, a sugar-and-spice-and-all-things-nice-ly adorable little girl called Himawari (meaning Sunflower, beats me why she is called Sunflower when she is blue-haired and constantly chasing after a daikon or her friends, depending on the level) who you are supposed to help reach her forever friend or Japanese white radish, using really bizarre tools like horseshoe magnets, see-saw, basketball or onigiri etc.

Like I told Town Mouse, it's like Lemmings but less painful cos there is only one little girl (and not a ton of fugly creatures) and a very cute one at that. Warning: do not be conned by the sheer cuteness of the game, as it is exceedingly tricky to get through the levels.

Note to non-Japanese speakers: Do not click on the first item in the main menu, after it appears. It is a long rehash of the exceedingly cute but non-comprehensible dialogue of the little girl and someone off the screen. Click on the second menu item to continue the level where you last left off. I look forward to more excellent stuff from Lukplus!!!

Check out my Coropata for Dummies!

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