Thursday, January 7, 2010

Screw you guys! I'm going home

Those words often uttered by one infamous fat ass, Eric Cartman, probably ran through another one's mind as he reaches the safety of his homeland. Yes, we are talking about Dr Ionescu AGAIN since he is now basically us now that he is back in Romania, where he has NOW been withdrawn by his government from his post in Singapore (i.e. he doesn't have to come back anymore).

Well, the Romanian Government's Foreign Ministry basically informed us that it is not within Singapore's jurisdiction as the "receiving state" to persecute its diplomatic agent, and that it will turn the case to its own Prosecutor's Office. Fantastic, does it mean that the Romanian people are going to pay for the witnesses' trips to Romania?

How come when I read "receiving state", this image from Joey Devilla's "How fanboys see Operating Systems" picture, which I posted earlier, leaps into my mind? With a little change...

So everyone in the world (especially Romania), when you see this guy driving on the road, please jump into the nearest ditch. You will be safer there, even during the monsoon season. The New Paper was very thoughtful to have published his photo, which confirmed his identity (pls see O in this photo).

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