Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Munchies 16 - Instant Bento

From left: Potato-Carrot stirfry, tofu and mushrooms wrapped with pork slices, black bean natto, hijiki (which I rehydrated with thin slices of bacon). I made this bento using processed foods and bento making tools from DAISO. DIYBF, I would say, haha. This entry is from my ANDY.

I had been trying to email this from my phone since this morning. Since moaning and groaning about it, I now realised it was me. So sorry, Android and Blogger. Haha. I typed an incorrect recipient email addy. Stupid. Then I uploaded the wrong pic, then tried to test what happens when I use "reply all" and the correct photo. The new photo is uploaded (and not the original attachment, interesting, that. Is it because this mailing feature only allows 1 attachment?) and the original sender's name and email address gets included in the post, a very alarming detail!!!

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