Friday, January 1, 2010

みんなさん, Frohes Neues Jahr!

Resolutions (which I will resolutely not keep): (1) No more being one of those 14% sad apples who are online > 24hours a week!!! The only difference between me and the picture below is that I pee sitting down (well, that is not true, cos gravity can do the trick and I don't like to pay WOW.

I think I didn't mention this before, but shockingly, one of the incredibly dumbest excuses I was given when I was told to take my blog posts elsewhere, was because I posted too much and too frequently (actually it was because I was pushing their infrequent posts down too much). Therefore it was interpreted by non-divine minds that I must spend too many hours writing posts.

Harlo, some of the material do come from myself and I used to write. A LOT. This is like, nothing. I suppose this is an ironic slap to the face, because a year or so prior, when I was reading my Masters as well as another friend's blog, I noticed that he was posting more than he should when he was supposed to try, somehow, to catch up with his Bachelors, which he was doing really badly (he dropped out eventually, after 7 long years, to the relief of everyone). I was the one who highlighted this problem together with the fact that he blogged that he spent 14 days reading a textbook to figure out how to do a project, to the other persons so that they could respond to his silent plea for help. And now the line is used on me, as if I am some sort of pedant. Oh yeah, they were worried that I might have a problem. They should tell that to professional bloggers.

I am still very annoyed about it, since I was the one who started and maintained the blog. But ok, (2) try to forgive. I don't think I can ever forget, because I am very determined to cling onto as many dying brain cells I have. But I will try.

(3) Be less bitchy. I have the honest bluntness of a five year old, but not the toothy charm.

To prove how much I love you all for reading this trashy blog, here's a link I came across when reading up on how to learn Japanese (I should be reading up on learning Mandarin). Have you noticed that Mandarin blogs always align their texts in the centre and the words are always bloody small? Damn, I broke (3) already.

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