Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finding love online...

Before B1 reads this (he never does *forever alone*), I need to disclaim here first, to say I am still reasonably satisfied with my choice *haha*, even though that PS3 must be destroyed, and I wish I can stop being his knave. This morning he complained he didn't have enough shirts, I found myself buying him some at lunchtime. Shit, is it muscle memory? Or innate asian female subservience?

Anyway, last weekend, the tiny island was rocked by a new sensational story. A single 24 year old went online looking for love and found a 37 year old uncle who is married with two children and lied to her that he was only 27 years old. Looking at the photos in the newspapers, I questioned the illusion of love. If that man is 37 years old, then I am only 16 years old. B1 commented drily, that it was because the poor lady looked mature (she did, when Mutter showed me the photo, I said poor auntie, then Mutter said "she's younger than you"), so she thought nothing of it that the guy was old looking (he was bald).

But anyway she loved him enough to support him financially as he was unemployed and rented a room for them to live in. It was in this room that he tortured and murdered her over last Saturday, slashing her many times and apparently gouging out her eyeballs with his bare hands (the police are yet to find a device) before flinging those as well as 40 other personal belongings (I saw the photos of the eyeballs and the hair *ew*) out the window of their apartment room. That wanker. Can you imagine walking downstairs and having something like that hit you?

I hope she was dead before he did this, because if not, it would have been an extremely painful way to die. I don't know what is his problem, when she was so nice to him but I suspect that he did those heinous acts, because he wants to get off with a lesser charge of manslaughter or culpable homicide (of grave and sudden provocation or abnormality of mind).

That said, I feel very bad for her. She was only looking for love in the wrong places. I am not a fan of finding love online. (Even caution needs to be exercised when making online friends and only after you make lots of checks- don't ask me how I do it. Being a paranoid person, I am closely re-examining my online footprint again), as everyone already lies in real life and the Internet just makes it even easier to stretch the truth further.

First of all, are you sure he/she isn't married or attached? Second, people won't post their actual to-date photo where they have gone to seed. They would post the most flattering photos of themselves, or even post inappropriate photos, to get attention from the opposite gender (you'd be careful when handling people of the latter type). So what you see is not what you get. Next, how are you going to be sure he/she is not lying to you? He could tell you he is a financially stable, mature guy of around your age (after he has already worked out what is your age) when he is just an unemployed dude living with his parents. Hey look, he really is living in that lovely Tudor, just that it's not his, it's his parents' and it's leaking in many parts.

Whatever it is, if you feel a spark talking with the person online, be brave and go ahead, but also be cautious and guard your heart and yourself carefully before doing so. Make sure you do all the necessary checks (trust me Facebook cannot be trusted as a source. Fake profiles are so easy to make), and be analytical and cynical when you meet the person for the first time and not have your judgement clouded by how exciting the person is or how he/she makes you feel.

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