Monday, April 2, 2012

A little easter present...

I was in a dead rush on Friday night, after I bought the 2 pieces of 6"X6" canvas boards in the afternoon. I didn't have much time before Easter =D, and these things got a long distance to fly.

I hope the recipients like the presents (it's a surprise!), I stayed up pretty late on Friday doing them. I wasn't very good with the colors, because too tired *hehe* so the colors came out a bit weird for the bear. Initially I thought the background for the duckie would look weird too, but it ended up looking better than the big version (still not completed). 

I apologize for the bad quality of the stroke marks because I used a 3B pencil, which is pretty dark. I had to repaint and cover the duckie's wings with white to disguise the pencil markings. So the paint is pretty thick. Oopz. Don't you like how the photos make the pictures look better than they actually do? =D

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