Friday, April 13, 2012

This explains a lot - Bier makes you cleverer

A new study from the University of Illinois suggests that drinking alcohol can actually make men solve creative problems better than when they are sober.

Here's the great wall of text: (original article)
Astonishingly, those in the drinking group averaged nine correct questions to the six answers correct by the non-drinking group. It also took drunk men 11.5 seconds to answer a question, whereas non-drunk men needed 15.2 seconds to think. Both groups had comparable results on a similar exam before the alcohol consumption began.
It's important to note that their level of alcohol consumption was below the legal limit, and it worked on creative problems but not on working memory problems. According to Wiley, alcohol improves creative memory by decreasing working memory, which is the ability to remember one thing while you're thinking of something else.
Said Wiley, "Sometimes it's good to be distracted."
This explains why I have so much more fun talking to slightly wasted dudes, especially B1. You cannot believe the stuff they can come up with. A friend was deeply insulted when I said I preferred when he was drunk. Not that he wasn't entertaining sober, but drunk is so much higher a plateau in entertaining. Not too drunk because if they are too drunk, they just no longer make sense anymore. This test kind of sucks, because women also behave the same way methinks. At least it will explains why I always come up with god awful jokes when I am tipsy. Suddenly EVERYTHING is FUNNY. And also why when B1 tests me on Math problems to assess my sobriety, I always can do it, even when it is something obscure like 134*18. =D
Trinken Trinken, dudes!

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