Monday, April 9, 2012

I did not take a Computer Engineering degree to fix your computer

Checking through my posts, I appeared to have grumbled about this before.

Don't you find it extremely irritating that people just take it for granted that you can and will fix their motherfucking IT problem? Even Bruder is guilty of it. Mein älter Bruder who used to be able to fix his pc by himself, has joined the legion of helpless relatives who ask me to fix their laptop/ desktop (so far no one has asked me to fix their iphone).

The part that really gets my goat is that they expect you to travel down to fix it. No way Jose. I am not that giving a person. Besides all my tools are at the house (turned out I really needed my other tools to fix his pc). Last week I also fixed the home network (my old house) with the help of the cable guy and Vater yelling in the background (he hasn't forgiven them for conning him into getting the so-called "free" cable tv). I wasn't sure who I wanted to slap more, Vater or the modem. Frankly Vater, I told you that time it was a booby trapped gift, but he didn't believe me until I made him read all the clauses. And then he went down and yelled at them for conning senior citizens. Trust me, no good deed (none of mine at least) goes unpunished.

Just now when I came home, Vater said his computer was not working over the weekend (he went to buy a laptop on Saturday because of that). I took out my room's monitor (Mr Dead Pixel) and connected to the desktop, thus proving it was the monitor that was faulty... hmm I wonder if I could have his pc, now that he has bought a new laptop.

Then Bruder skyped me with the following hilarious exchange:
I stand corrected. there is 32-bit win7
So I obediently went to rut through his bottom shelf, only to hit paydirt (the actual cds were in the top shelf. Sux to be you, Bro *hehe*). 

Needless to say, they were hidden in a manila envelope with a very serious-looking letterhead, as the good stuff always is. Talk about lying in plain sight. I was very disappointed in my prying skills. To think they were there since he moved out 3 years ago. I shall go train under a waterfall. =D

Vater gave me a new cruzer thumb that he got as a free gift with the laptop. Said he had no use for it. FTW!!!!

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