Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kissing is the most intimate act

But my favorite kisses,
are the ones you give me
when we make up.
Because each time we argue
I'm scared that you will never ever kiss me again.

Reading this, I am reminded of how intimate kissing is between two persons. Not sure if it is because of the exchange of bodily fluids (now it sounds gross), or the excitement when your lips touch, but there is something intimate and precise about kissing. Not sure if it is because you can kiss the person you love anytime but you cannot have sex anytime =D. Even when I am writing my you-know-what, I am conscientious of how a relationship can jump to a whole new plateau when two strangers kiss.

What's your favorite kind of kiss? Mine is kissing in the lift as it is going up =D (dunno why). And B1 hugging and kissing me from behind when I am doing something.

Have you kissed your loved one today?

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