Saturday, April 28, 2012

argh. Pervert in the lift

I bought B1 lunch (he was suffering a major hangover) before I rejoined Mutter at the restaurant. On my way to pass him the lunch, I managed to get into a somewhat crowded lift (it was filled but there was enough personal space allocated for each person, you know what I mean). Then this uncle came in and stood at the door. I instinctively put up my left arm to shield my chest. Men have this disgusting habit of doing this sometimes, but this old lecher was especially rude. 

Usually the person in front will move ahead a bit when the lift door closes (out of courtesy) but not he. He deliberately leaned onto my arm, even though there was space between him and the lift door. AND even looked back, earning a dirty look from me. TWICE. Second time I used my arm to nudge him away.

Fucker. I wanted to stab him. Everyone in the lift was watching. 

The minute the door opened, and he SLOWLY strolled out, I shot past him and ran home. Got home, I went and washed my arm with MASSIVE amounts of soap.

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