Friday, April 6, 2012

I finally got my 1000th win in Company of Heroes

Well, if you are wondering why this woman takes 6 years to get 1000 wins in one game, it is because she used to have another account which have several hundred wins, until she went crazy one day and deleted it, and then created a new profile with a super lame nick =D.
Speaking of lame nicks. 12ax7 tried to grift me the other day with a "jimcaviezel" account (I have an absolutely massive crush on jim caviezel's character in "Person of Interest"). Nice try 12, joke's on you, because I have 48 (as of today) persons trying to make friends with me, so I didn't see the account until recently. Apparently he created it several weeks ago. 

Anyway I hate the holy week, not what it represents, mind you,  but by the fact, that Company of Heroes is an almost dead town this week. It is almost as if anyone younger than 35 years old in this game are on Spring break or something. Only the Onkels, mich, the Amerikaners (yes, the irony is not lost on me) and the Brits were around (and even the Brities get next Monday *seething*). Even 12 is out of town for work his sport (which means that I got to sleep till 11am this morning *cheers*. Interestingly the Lobster and I made the same observation that we only come in during that insane hour for 12ax7. Such loyalty. As it was, the Lobster and I don't play with each other without 12ax7. Not sure why, especially since I knew the Lobster in his other profile for a long time ago.)

When everyone on my usual team come back....this is what they will get for abandoning me for a week.*forever alone*
And the person who will get it worst from me, is the one who introduced me to this panda bear *hehe*.

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