Sunday, February 26, 2012

stressful - Too large for the Destination File System

I was too exhausted when I read this error message. I was trying to copy a vmware unto a portable hard disk. Goddamn *censored* and their *censored*.
Decided to google this the next morning. Turns out the goddamn thing is NTFS, and I am trying to copy into a FAT32. So *^%#$@.

What to do?
Convert the FAT32 into NTFS.

Assuming your harddisk is F:\ and its label is Fuckyoustupidcensored (you must check first, by going to F:\ and right-click to see properties), go to command prompt (run cmd):

(1) type: Chkdsk F: /F
(2) Up to you whether you want to turn lost chains into files. I did, because I am curious what they were.
(3) type: convert F: /fs:ntfs /nosecurity
(4) Cmd will ask you what is the label name, just key it in, i.e. Fuckyoustupidcensored
(5) Cmd will tell you how much disk space they need for conversion *heart pain*, and then convert.
(6) Copy that &^$#@ file into the converted drive. Success!

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