Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Should I quit and study PhD?

After I graduated in 2008, I was invited to attend a talk by my school on taking a PhD with them... back then the money they offered was S$2000 to S$2500 per month. Now it is up to S$3000 a month...

It is quite a paycut still, and I have to pay off my bloody apartment. I suppose that I can probably supplement the income by working as a lab minion for one of the profs or teach...but I was thinking of doing the PhD overseas in the first place. Like in Germany, which strangely does not have Englisch-taught courses in my field...

Maybe I should take a parttime PHD, as a distraction, because CoH is dying and anyway the only people I really like in the game I can communicate offline with them or play during weekends (though once school starts, it's bye bye CoH).

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