Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cosmopolitan - my new favorite magazine

I alternate at my parents' place and my own apartment nowadays, which becomes a huge problem for tracking library books, my CoH disc (that can unlock the game) and SD cards. I have so many half-read books here and there. So it's the fun time of the month, Filesonic & Megaupload are down... and I am at my parents' house... so while I was waiting for the bus to go to violin class, I saw that the newsagent was selling COSMOPOLITAN. 

Supposedly this magazine was banned in Singapore due to its explicit sexual content. At the time I was like who are they fucking trying to kid? Especially since CLEO and the rest of the magazines also tend to write such gritty stuff, albeit to a lesser extent. So I decided to buy a copy...


"When he first sees you, he scratches his nose. There's erectile tissue in his schnoz, and if he's excited to be near you, it'll enlarge, causing it to itch."

Fascinating.. I remember back in the day, my dear older and more experienced (she had a boyfriend when she was 13) cousin, C, sagely advised me to try to check out the guy's *censored* when I was with him, to see if he was "flying at full or half mast". I remember that  nearly straining myself while trying to peep and not get caught, and later whispering angrily to my cousin "he's wearing jeans, how the *** am I supposed to see?"

Btw I am of the school of thought that men should read woman's magazines. Esp those men who are not from Stone Age but act and think like cavemen. It will do well for them to understand women more instead of acting all huffy and puffy as if they are always right.

Anyway I also decided to come out with a special Valentine's Day Magazine for Nibblezware... (I wonder if I really have the time to do it...) So watch out for it!!!

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