Monday, February 27, 2012

China's version of Big Bang Theory - Come from the Aera(?) 9

There are few shows that I would watch faithfully every week: The Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, The League, and of course, Person of Interest *drooool* (Jim Caviezel!!!!!! You should have seen last week's Wall Street episode. He looks even more magnificent in a well-made suit. Mad Men has nothing on him.)

B1 sent me something interesting today. 
Supposedly it is China's version of the Big Bang Theory. The only Big Bang Theory similarity it bears is the canned American laughter...I can understand Mandarin, and I was flinching through most of the clip. It's totally random, like they are squeezing in different parts of what they think Sheldon and Leonard might say into a 12 min clip. They even talk about Spiderman and Green Hornet because "hey, we are the bad Chinese remake of Big Bang Theory, weisst du nicht?"

Just to spread the love around, I skyped the link to Schnappi (I admire his patience in watching the clip, though he later said he gave up at 6:00), who pointed out that "Leonard's" glasses do not actually have glass. I replied all the money they had went into the super big house (with the incredibly gay looking furniture, and pink cushions. Are you for real?) The only thing I liked of the show was the "Penny", who looks like a hot Japanese AV actress, even though she was hurling random thoughts like the rest of them.

The only part that made me laugh was 12:09 where a Howard-like guy came in yelling at the two guys and then starting fawning on the girl when she said she was going to live there.

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  1. Big Bang Theory doesn't have canned laughter

    around 1:35 they talk about and show that it IS in front of a live audience.



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