Saturday, February 11, 2012

I am in love with my Bread

I know this is supposed to be inside Nibblezware Munchies. So shut up about it.

I am still trying to figure out the convection setting difference between my microwave oven's convection setting and that of a conventional oven, because everytime I set the same temperature as that is listed in a recipe, I can damn well anticipate that at least a certain part of the bread will be burnt. So I tried deducting -10 degrees C on every recipe. Still burnt...

-20 Deg C. Since I baked two kinds of bread yesterday, a pizza and this Italian bread (I was inspired by a meal I had at Alkaff mansion, which I will blog later), I decided to use the pizza as a sacrificial lamb.

I think I may stick to -30 Deg C on every temp I read in a recipe, and let the damn thing cook longer. I can't possibly sit read in front of the oven like I did yesterday for this bread. But didn't it turn out beautiful? I put a mug of water inside the oven to increase the humidity in the oven (kind of ruined my mug as predicted, so luckily I used one that was chipped. We are very violent towards our crockery). And I misted the thing three times in the first ten minutes, to prevent it from developing a hardcore crust before I could get the bread to bake. And I turned the bread two times to make sure it wouldn't get burnt. Once to turn it 180 degrees, the next to flip it to cook the underside and so that I could tap it to hear if it was cooked.

But I think I might have underdone the rising part, because I only kneaded with one hand (I was reading a romance novel with another), so I increased the rising time. Which did not seem to remedy my laziness.

Oh my god, it tastes like those bread sold in atas establishment. Outside crusty, inside moist. I so love this bread!!! So much better than the French recipe I did the other time. Schnappi commented that it looked like a potato. I potato him. :P

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