Saturday, February 18, 2012

I need photos of cupcakes

I want to start on my next game. I skived long enough chatting on Skype with unappreciative people (not you, Schnappi) and trolling too much on CoH. Maybe I should just play CoH on Saturday and Sunday mornings, cos most of the people I like are online and playing then.

It's time to sit down and start building. I already built the storyboards for three games (which I may merge into one). At the very least, I need to fix a bug inside Burgerstacko. I set up my game into my shitty new pc, and I cannot figure out whether the things I am seeing now are due to a wrong backdated copy of the game or something the Koreans wanted me to put in... ooopz. Anyway if it were the latter, shouldn't the bloody game be in Hangol, which I remember doing so?

"I just found that one live is reduced when I receive the call on playing game"
Great, How am I supposed to simulate this? I use an emulator for crying out loud. I also need to upgrade the scoreboard to have a online version, since I now have a domain to put my game scoreboards (which is also another reason why I intend to build more games to maximize my domain usage *keke*)

Anyway does anyone have high quality photos of cupcakes please? If yes, please email to me at nibblezwareblog (at), unless you know me directly then please just email directly to the email addy you know me at. Much appreciated!!!

Ok I resolved how to simulate phone call on my android emulator (thanks to What you do is telnet to your android emulator  "o localhost 5554" and then "gsm call 1224785(some crap number)".

Btw dear Korean guy, my game doesn't lose a life between calls, it crashes. sigh. Could have told me that.

Updated again!!! 
I think I resolved the problem, but until the new game is built and B1 completes my online scoreboard, I am going to cut off skype. Schnappi, please either gmail or leave msg on my blog shoutbox thanks!

I also realize I need to implement a SMS listener as well. Sigh. telnet to your android emulator  "o localhost 5554" and "sms send +5085551212 hello"

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