Thursday, February 23, 2012

Madame Big Feet strike again

I am not sure whether it's because I am "emo elmo" these days (I didn't even talk much while playing CoH yesterday, bet you can't imagine it! Anyway I wasn't playing well but I didn't care either) or what, but I bought shoes again. Wallet felt lighter, heart felt lighter too!

This purchase was totally justified. Because I am worth it =D. Just kidding, I needed comfortable flats for violin class, because I usually play standing up for two hours (last ditch effort to practise before lesson). I like Rubi shoes, they are much cheaper when you buy them in twos and they last just long enough for you to change designs *hehe*. I love wearing plain dresses with garishly colored shoes. I can just barely get away with it at work because I am tall.

Anyway I always offend the fashion police @ meine Arbeit because I don't care about my appearance enough. =P In fact I always dress down if I don't have any meetings scheduled for the day. Unfortunately I was caught out a few times,  where I had to run down to the CBD area for last minute meetings *so embarrassed*

These shoes are très cute right? I always wanted scrunched ballet flats. You probably can't see well, but the pink shoes are pink-and-white-stripped *love*

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