Monday, April 13, 2009

Huzzah! Burger Stacko moves from Flash -> Android

Pity my pathetic victory. I have finally finished migrating my first flash game over to Android. What a horrific struggle it has been, esp since I have more or less left programming behind like donkey years ago. (Btw I have not put in the super fun stuff yet, like moving the buttons randomly within the row to screw with people playing the game. Still have a long way to go. But at least the F**ker seems ok.)

The fact is now biting me in the arse more than ever. Really it is not good to be stuck at *censored* too long, my teeth are actually growing longer. On another note, Bloody Big M has rejected me again. First as a possible employee, now as a potential client, I can't take any more rejection *wail*. F**k big M, we were too early for the meeting and I spent the whole time staring out the window, across the road at Raffles Quay where Google is *haha*. Seriously where is a female Googler when I need one. I can introduce you 7 gorgeous geeks (geek is sexy, just look at the success of The Big Bang Theory, the show not the theory). In return, a recommendation to join Google. Kein mies Geschäft, nicht wahr *winks*?

Flash version (built in 2005, when Neopets was still sexy):

Android version

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