Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Opera App store invite

It's been a long time since I did android development. Everytime I start to do a bit, I lose interest because my primary interest is in games, but I am too lazy to draw graphics for them. Haha. Of course the correct attitude would be to use circles first then swap image when ready. So yeah, I am just lazy. I keep toying with the idea of building onto Burger Stacko. But I think it will be wiser to build it as a new app instead. On the other hand, should give something back to the users who bothered to keep this old game on their devices. HMmm.
Anyway I received an invite from Opera Mobile store today to join as a partner/developer. I did a little background check on them to find that it is a relaunch in 2012 by Opera after its acquisition of Handster. Joining Opera Mobile store is free, and platform free. In fact they appeared to be so friendly that they offered to publish my one and only app on my behalf.

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