Saturday, December 7, 2013

A little of dose of Germany

A lot of things happened recently. So I was deeply comforted by this package of love from Onkel und Tante HM that they sent separately from their Christmas present. 

People asked me when I returned home from Germany if I had eaten pork knuckles while I was there. I didn't. I don't really like pork knuckles. What I do love is käsespätzle.  A love further reinforced by the fantastic dish I had at die Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt. Yumz. Strangely I had no problems ordering in German when I was with strangers. But when asked to speak German with friends, I drew blanks. Pathetic.

So after asking me what I missed from Germany, Onkel und Tante HM sent over volkornbrot (loved the tiny loaves from Pension Gerlinde) and instant spätzle. Of course they didn't forget to send over two cans of bier for the government. Oddly enough managed to passed through customs without being taxed. Great! Conversely the Deutsch customs was anal as usual and tried to tax HM for kopitiam "coffeeshop" coffee (the way Singapore prepares its coffee is different. A traditional taste would be coffee beans roasted with margarine or corn before being ground for flavor). The Deutsch customs thought it was something very expensive like luwak coffee (coffee  beans from a civet cat's ass) or something... now to think about it, now that HM told them it was ordinary coffee, maybe this time I could send the real luwak coffee. Hehe.

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