Tuesday, April 15, 2014

[Book Review] The Perfect Retreat

The Perfect Retreat was a pretty good chick lit. I liked all the characters in that they were not all totally cookie-cutter stereotypes, other than the raging bitch ex-wife. 

There were one or two GLARING booboos though, and I personally feel that the editor needs a swift kick to the butt for them. E.g. page 125. Small, large breasts...????? I envisoned a lop sided Kitty. Hahaha.

Second case was that Ivo's dad was the Earl of Casselton on Page 360, then on page 382 when Evelyn, Ivo's mother explained that when Ivo's dad Perry "pops his clogs then Ivo inherits" as the future Marquess and Marchioness of Casselton.

I may not be well-versed in the English aristocracy and their lineage, but from what I read of historical novels I formed the impression that Earls are not the same as Marquesses. When eldest sons of Earls inherit, they become Earls. And Marquesses will inherit from Dukes. So if Ivo's dad is Duke of Casselton, it makes sense if Ivo is Marquess of Casselton. YKWIM?

Back to the characters. Like I said earlier, I liked the characters in that the author put in some effort for forming their personalities. However I found that the adults are a bit strange and unbelievable. As in why would a renowned director treat a dyslexic young woman as a daughter after hearing her practise reading? A bit too whimsical. The author expedited the last part of the story very quickly with the husband being an arschloch through almost 3/4 of the book and suddenly becoming very conciliatory and apologetic. The author did explain the reason for the transition, but I found the transition a bit too fast and somewhat miraculous. I mean the wife couldn't change him, parenthood couldn't change him but a girlfriend of some months could change his thinking overnight?

Ivo is a very delicious character of course. I think he is probably the reason to read the book. Merritt and Willow are flawed but nice and believable. Kitty falls under the unbelievable category. She is supposed to be retiring and shy but she goes ballistic on a guy who she loves and makes his life totally miserable when he rescued her? And yet she could forgive her boss so readily. I mean yes, it was her fault for losing the kid, but to forgive her so readily and then blaming it all on Ivo is like very bipolar behavior. Lucy is a good character but doesn't do much other than perform a secondary supporting role. 

I loved the bromance between the dudes in the later part of the story, and I enjoyed the part about the paintings hiding in plain sight. This plot was also done in the first season of Motive (Canadian drama).

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