Sunday, March 13, 2016

The men I didn't marry by Janice Kaplan & Lynn Schnurnberger

Hallie had planned how she and her husband would spend their empty nester existence, starting with a romantic weekend and those dratted Knicks tickets. Too bad her husband was so eager to start his new independence with Ashlee with 2 Es, that he dumped Hallie after leaving their youngest at Yale. 

What an asshole...

So Hallie spent a whole week gorging on Oreos, until her daughter challenged her to go hiking. Bizarre she would do that when she didn't even go hiking with the hubby and kids back in the day... Alone and out of town, she got lost on the trail only to be rescued by a handsome doctor (seriously... this book's unbelievable quotient is out there in the stratosphere).

That's not all, the doctor was oh so coincidentally good friends with her ex boyfriend, Eric. So Eric, reminded by said doctor, called Hallie up for dinner and so began a journey of "eat drink woman" for Hallie except that she did not have to travel out of the country to realize that she was right in not settling with any of her exes then.

She had sex with one ex, found out that the other was a "ohm"ing gay and forgave the last one. The forgiving part was very rushed, and I felt like the side story of her sister was thrown in at random pages so that she could quickly forgive the ex. It was as if the book had 3 planned exes and they decided to add one last minute.

As part of her journey through the exes, Hallie was rewarded with realizing that she was better off without her stingy ex who halfway through the book decided that he wanted to come home to the familiar after breaking up with Ashlee with 2 Es. She was rewarded for said epiphany with a new romance.

what the hell.  funny but convoluted book. 3 out of 5.

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