Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dynamically invoke Web Services

[Note: This is for .Net sufferers. Java sufferers, try SoapUI.]

My training course at NYP was not just a nice break from Hell. They also introduced this nice software for developers to dynamically invoke web services. For loser programmers (like myself) or laymen, this is great because this means that I can first see whether the web services are still available, then see how to invoke the web services to retrieve the XML data I want.

The nice software is .Net WebServices Studio. It's only available online as source code, as the old website that hosted it is down. Anyway, I have it with me (since I "borrowed" it off the NYP pc. Thank you NYP), so you guys can just get it from me, when necessary. But then I had some problems using it with some web services as it required me to switch on JIT compiler (to which I say, f**k off, since it is supposed to minimise my pain, not increase it).

So I went online and continued hunting, and found something even better. It's called SoapBits (current release is v1.1.1) by Erik Araojo. It's an improvement on .Net WebServices Studio (well, I'd say it is an enhancement, since its UI is similar to the former's). Note: Read carefully the instructions on how to download it from

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