Monday, August 18, 2008

How to Post a YouTube Vidz on Blogger?

1. Go to the YouTube link of your desired file
2. Copy the contents of the "Embed" Field as shown.

3. Create a new post in and go to "Edit HTML".
4. Type whatever nonsensical crap you want to talk about.
5. Paste the entire crap you copied from the "Embed" field into the Blogger post field, and remove all the crap
before and after the "<\Embed\>" (remember to ignore the \) tag, leaving
6. Recommended: Change the width to 400 and height to 300 for best view in Blogger.
7. Click "Publish Post".

PS: Will not teach how to force autoplay of the video. Got enough complaints already. Anyway check out this guy, he is teaching Photoshop with a really sarcastic commentary. Yet another competitive sufferer. Don't you just love it? Check out his series, You Suck at Photoshop!!!

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