Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Munchies 1 - Bear 2 Bento

I went mad at Daiso and bought a really bizarre egg mould. We are talking star and heart shapes. I was rather doubtful of its effectiveness, though I have seen samples in some of the bento images on the Internet and books.

I decided to try it some Saturdays ago while giving my bento dishes a little airing.

It was an interesting attempt. Note: should insert into mould while hot, which I did. Unfortunately the egg yolks were not located at the centre of the egg, so the end effect was pretty ugly.

What you see in (clockwise from top): [1] fried dumplings (with homemade skin), rosti, boiled carrots and egg (heart shape), [2] sausage flowers and two rice bears (one with a cracked head. By the time I gotten everything ready for arranging into the containers, the rice had cooled down too much to give the bear a headache).

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